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New Product Launch – BMKMANU S1000, Sub-cellular Level Spatial Transcriptomics – Buy Four Get One Free!

Exploring gene expression patterns at the original location of an organism is crucial for understanding the types and functions of its cells. However, current spatial transcriptome analysis methods have limitations such as low throughput or insufficient resolution. The BMKMANU S1000 Spatial Chip, developed by BMKMANU, can detect in-situ gene expression information in complete tissue sections at subcellular resolution, enabling a nuanced interpretation of tissue structure. 

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Product Components

BMKMANU S1000 spatial chip and matching reagent kit includes:

1) Tissue Optimization Kit, containing reagents for tissue optimization (optimal time exploration for tissue permeabilization).

2) Gene Expression Kit, containing reagents for capturing mRNA in tissue slices for subsequent library preparation and sequencing.

3) Startup Kit: Includes a thermostatic adapter and a transcriptome magnetic separator.


Technical Principle

The chip is based on micropores and microbeads, and mRNA can be captured in situ through Oligo on the microbeads. The Oligo is composed of four parts: Read1, Spatial Barcode, UMI, and Poly(dT)VN. After the tissue is attached to the chip, mRNA is released from the tissue by a permeabilization enzyme. Since most mRNA 3' ends have a Poly-A tail, they are captured by Oligo with Poly(dT)VN. After RT-PCR and cDNA amplification, library preparation and sequencing, spatial position tracing is achieved through Spatial Barcode. This allows for gene expression analysis in spatial locations and tissue heterogeneity.


Product Advantages



It can be applied to most areas of biological and medical research, including tumor, disease, immunology, and developmental biology, helping to achieve new breakthroughs in these fields with spatial expression analysis at subcellular resolution.

●Tumor and Disease:
 Spatial heterogeneity and microenvironment of tumors and diseases
 Onset and development of tumors and diseases
 Treatment response of tumors and diseases

●Developmental Biology
 Spatiotemporal atlas of organs
 Gene regulatory mechanisms during development

●Stress Response
 Biotic stress response
 Abiotic stress response

 Immune response in organ transplantation
 Immune mechanisms of tumors and diseases
 Pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases

●Drug resistance analysis
 Mechanisms of drug resistance
 Research and development of new drugs

Cases and Demo Data


BMKMANU S1000 has been performance-verified in hundreds of cases across different tissue types.


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